Tommy Eye

Rhythm Acoustic, Electric, & Lead Guitars, Diabolic Pinch Harmonics

Tommy comes from a long line of musicians. His parents being well versed on several instruments, provided him the foundation of music at a young age from which his career blossomed. Initial pounding on a pillow with a hairbrush at age 4 evolved into learning both drums and guitar. The first decent drum kit was provided at age 10 and guitar soon thereafter with previous learnings done on his father’s old no-name 6 string electric guitar. A new quality electric guitar, a gift at age 17 from his grandmother, cemented to Tommy that music would be his passion the rest of his life. Family jams were the norm throughout Tommy’s formative teenage years with family gathering regularly for impromptu jam sessions.

Tommy’s professional musical career began in earnest in 1990 and for the next 25+ years he has played in assorted cover and original projects all over the east coast in venues of all sizes. From festivals and clubs to concert halls if it offered live music, Tommy played there at some point. While developing his live chops he continuously wrote and recorded original music in his ever-growing and evolving home studio.

Unknowingly fate brought Tommy and George together in a cover project in 2015 where they soon realized a mutual love for writing original music. The 2 began penning ideas and recording them at Tommy’s home studio. By 2018 Tommy reconnected with the Unknown Vocalist and the seeds of Timeless Haunt were planted.

Tommy uses a myriad of guitars and gear listed as follows:

Guitars: Ibanez, Charvel, Schecter, Fender, Jackson

Amplification: Marshall, Peavey, Carvin, Bugera

Processors & Outboard Gear: Boss, ADA, DBX, Yamaha, Behringer, Line 6 Relay Wireless, Carvin EM900 (in-ear)

Pics & Strings: Fender 351 Medium, D’Addario XL .009, D’Addario XL .010, Fender Super Bullets .009, Dean Markley