“Obscene” Randy Bobzien

Rhythm Acoustic, Electric, & Lead Guitars, Diabolic Pinch Harmonics

Guitarist/vocalist Randy Bobzien was formerly the lead guitarist with Fear of God (Warner Bros./Pavement Music), vocalist/guitars with Medusa1975 (Numero Group/Svart Music), lead guitars for Beyond Fallen (Melissa Records/Underground Power Records), and lead guitars for Candlelight Chaos (Bongo Boy Records). Randy also released 2 songs in self-performed/produced project Obsidian Overlord with 2 songs released on Bongo Boy Records.

Lead guitarist/vocalist/bassist with over 20+ years of professional experience both studio/touring. Top of the line professional equipment. Randy plays Charvel, Gibson, and ESP/LTD guitars. Sound and amplification equipment consists of Kemper Profiler and Boss/Randall amplification. Main influences are Randy Rhoads, Vivian Campbell (Dio), Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Gary Moore (Victims of the Future/Corridors of Power era), Zakk Wylde.