Inaugural Performance

timeless haunt live

The inaugural performance of Timeless Haunt went over splendidly Saturday July 20th at Goodfellas concert hall. The band took the stage and showed their minions the true power of the Haunt. Musical boundaries were punched through as the band showcased the songs off their critically acclaimed debut CD Haunted Symphony as well as even newer material that is not yet available for public consumption.

Shout out to No Rain Checks, Blind Choice, and Ultra Violent for jobs well done and being consummate professionals both on and offstage. They are bands worth checking out.

Haunted Symphony can be purchased through various digital media that can be accessed through the TH website or directly from the vendors by clicking on the links on the homepage. Physical copies can be purchased form the band for $6.00 plus shipping – reach out to a member or contact us through the website or Facebook for details.

The band will be hunkering back down to continue writing and polishing new material. Please check back often for the latest happenings or subscribe to Instagram and Twitter and friend us on Facebook to receive up-to-the minute news from Timeless Haunt.