George Dimitri

Extended Range Fretted & Fretless Basses, Piano & Keyboards, Harmony & Back-Up Vocals

A seasoned veteran of the live music scene, George began his playing career back in 1985 when he purchased a hot pink Cort Titan wanna-be Fender P-bass. In the ensuing 30+ years George has played hundreds of live shows across the United States on stages big and small to crowds ranging from a handful to tens of thousands.

George is an accomplished studio musician, having added bass, keyboards and vocals tracks to songs for critically acclaimed country artist Wesley Spangler and local Maryland hard rock fiends Ten Ticket Thrill Ride. His primary focus though is Pennsylvania’s all-original heavy and dark power quintet Timeless Haunt. 

George’s bass influences are numerous and vary across many styles of playing. The speed of Bill “Buddha” Dickens, the thunderous gallops of Steve Harris, the tapping virtuosity of Billy Sheehan, the frenetic slapping of Flea, and the smooth Jazz improv styles of Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci, Michael Manring, and Jaco Pastorius can all be heard in his playing. 

Accenting his playing, George is a very active entertainer. His energy is unparalleled on stage. “I have always felt that musicians need to entertain and showmanship on stage is part of the entertainment package.” 

George uses the following gear: Conklin GT-7 basses, Conklin Custom Shop 7 string Fretless bass, and Conklin Custom shop 36 fret neck-through-body 7 string bass, Ampeg SVT heads (1200 watts baby!), Yamaha and Ampeg enclosures, Line 6 wireless systems, LeCover amp covers, Levy bass straps, Access cases, and a whistle he got at Sports Authority for $0.99.

George is endorsed by Conklin Guitars and you can check him out as a featured artist on the Conklin guitars web page by clicking here