Field of Screams

Timeless Haunt was selected out of over 40 bands as finalists of the Field of Screams 15th annual Battle of the Bands this past Saturday September 28th. Only 3 of the selected bands were able to play and despite a live show for the ages where we poured out hearts and souls into every played note and beat, we fell short of our goal of overall winner by 3 measly points. Shout out to the other bands on the docket as they both put on killer shows.

Thank you to Char and Gare (enjoy the CD!), Titus for the great sound, Shaun & family, and Jen from 105.7 the X FM for emceeing us.

We will be back at it this week finalizing our latest original songs Sinful Girl & Embrace the Haunt which will be on our sophomore CD release due out early 2020.