Don (The Wizard of) Fortune

Piano, Keyboards, dirty Organs, Strings, Assorted Evil Sounds

Keyboardist Don Fortune originates from Philadelphia, PA., where he grew up listening to and admiring keyboardists who held their own in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. From Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman, Jan Hammer, Keith Emerson, Greg Hawkes, Don Airey and Billy Powell to Kevin Moore, Derrick Sherrinnian, Jordan Rudess, and lately Per Wiberg and Joakim Svalberg. The list goes on.

In addition to keyboard influences, other groundbreakers include Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, KISS – again, the list goes on.

Keyboards currently played include Korg and Kurzweil.

Playing in Timeless Haunt provides the opportunity (and responsibility) to use keys to lay down the technical ambiance, heavy atmosphere, and perhaps a bit of fear and dread that fits nicely with the band’s grooving, harmonious, metal sound.