Timeless Haunt with Slapjaw at the V Spot in Scranton

Check us out with 3 of Scranton’s metal elites as we prepare to unleash world domination at the V Spot on Saturday, August 21st. Slapjaw, Wife Swamp, and Christ Chopper will be joining us on stage for an evening of metal mayhem so mark your calendars and be ready to rock!

Start time = 8 PM. The V-Spot is located at 906 Providence Road, Scranton PA

Dark for Life is here!

Dark for Life was released through Stormspell Records on March 5th. You an purchase the little monster from Stormspell by clicking here. Reviews have already been very positive so check it out and let us know what you think.

Dark for Life release March 5th.

Finally! After delays in production as well as the impediments brought about by COVID-19, Dark for Life will finally be available from Stormspell Records on March 5th, 2021. We are excited to finally unleash this impressive array of original songs to the masses.

Click here to go to their website to purchase your copy and drop us a line at timelesshaunt@gmail.com and let us know your thoughts.

Dark for Life coming soon!

Video teaser to the songs from our upcoming Stormspell Records release Dark for Life.

Embrace the Haunt – world premier

Our first single Embrace the Haunt will be released on October 13 at 12:30 EST. Check out this video below for a tease.

Dark for Life finished artwork

The artwork by Felipe Machado Franco to the cover of our upcoming full-length album Dark for Life has been released and is posted here for your visual edification. Let us know what you think.

Burrn! Review

Haunted Symphony has been reviewed in Burrn!, Japan’s oldest and largest metal magazine. The positive review is shown above in it’s original Japanese format. Once we receive an accurate, grammatically correct translation we will post it.

Studio Recording Sessions

The weekend of September 11-13 saw us congregate at JL Studios to record the songs for our upcoming release Dark For Life. All music and vocal tracks were recorded and in a couple of weeks we will be returning for a couple of slight tweaks and then mixing and mastering of the songs. We are still hoping for a Halloween release of the CD.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support in the creation of this album. We are very pleased with what we have done so far and feel it will have been worth the wait.