Be Safe

We in Timeless Haunt want to reiterate to everyone to please stay safe and be smart during this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Take this time to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and disinfect surfaces to minimize the transmission of this disease to yourself and others. And please do not go out unless you have to.


In wake of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic we wish everyone the best as we navigate these difficult times. Please take appropriate actions to minimize the potential spread of the disease, especially by washing your hands and through social distancing (new-fangled fancy millennial term for stay home!).

Even though the virus pandemic has limited social interaction, we have been hard at work in our homes individually finalizing our parts for the songs to be recorded on our yet-to-be-named sophomore CD. Through technology and the internet we have also been writing and recording new songs which we can send to each other to work on without leaving the comforts of our homes. Technology is great as it allows us to be productive while practicing social distancing. So if you think about it, we are being musically productive while following practices that will ensure the survival of our species, a win-win!

In the meantime you can still get a copy of Haunted Symphony via Stormspell records by clicking here. We also have various merchandise for sale through our store page. Finally, you can check out our latest, up-to-the-moment happenings through our various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).