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Who We Are

Timeless Haunt Photo Collage

Timeless Haunt’s dark but approachable sound is built on a foundation of traditional heavy music combined with atmospheric, symphonic, and melodic musical passages that form a uniquely phantasmagoric brand of metal. Menacing but melodic, convincing but not complicated, familiar but unknown – the music of Timeless Haunt beckons you.

Time is eternal, the Haunt is now.

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Haunted Symphony – 2019 Metal EP of the Year

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Welcome Randy!

October 13, 2021

It is with great pleasure that we introduce “Obscene” Randy Bobzien as the new guitarist in Timeless Haunt. Randy brings a skill and style that fits perfectly with the unique brand of metal that has established Timeless Haunt as a an international force on the metal scene. Randy’s list of impressive accomplishments and accolades can […]